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I have always wanted to be a model and I am hoping this page will help get me out there. I believe everyone should chase their dreams!

My name is Laura but I go by Lola I am 4'11 which I know is short but I still strive after my dream. I have brownish blonde hair its wavy if i leave it natural. I enjoy being outdoors and sharing my inner beauty. I think modeling is great confidence buster as well. I am almost 18 and I just barely started getting into modeling because I use to fear I wasn't good enough but later on in life I realized I am totally capable of chasing after what I want to do in life.

Location: Victor , ID Country: USA Available for travel: no

Look and Style:
Hair Color: Brown/blonde Hair Length: past shoulder Hair Style: wavy/straight
Eye Color: dark brown Ethnicity: white
Age: 17 Can Look: (AgeRange) 18

Clothing style: I work with anything
Contact information:

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